2008 News Archive - Holidays - South Africa to be 'most popular long-haul destination in 2009'

08 01 2009

British Airways has predicted that South African cities will claim the top two spots on its list of the most popular long-haul destinations this year.

The company predicted that Cape Town will be UK tourists' favourite far-flung holiday destination, while Johannesburg will claim the number two spot.

Richard Tams, British Airways' head of UK & Ireland sales, said: "It's not all doom and gloom for travel in the current economic climate. South Africa will be popular thanks to the relative strength of the pound against the rand and the upcoming British Lions tour."

With the pound currently riding high against the rand, at £1 to R14.50, tourists taking holidays to South Africa may find they get more bang for their buck than in the UK.

And with the country currently enjoying a warm southern hemisphere summer, taking a trip to South Africa could also provide the perfect way to escape the cold chills currently sweeping across credit-crunch Britain.

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