2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spain lures British homebuyers

11 12 2006

British nationals are heading to Spain in their droves, seeking to recapture the quality of life enjoyed when holidaying in the country.

Research from the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) reveals that 198,000 British nationals relocated abroad last year. There are now 5.5 million Brits living overseas, meaning that one in every ten Britons is now based away from the UK.

Australia has emerged as the most popular country for overseas homebuyers, which can presumably be attributed to the fact that there are still extremely strong ties between the two countries after many people emigrated from the UK after the Second World War.

Spain's position as the second most popular country seems to represent the continuation of the long-lasting love affair between the UK and its Mediterranean neighbour.

Those considering purchasing a property in Spain have been advised that comprehensive preparation is always the best policy and that holidaying in the country provides a solid foundation for a purchase.

Indeed, just a quarter of all Brits living on the Costa del Sol speak Spanish, which compares to three-quarters who speak Italian in Tuscany. Picking up the basics of Spanish while holidaying in the country can clearly pave the way for a successful move.

When asked for their reasons for moving abroad, 37 per cent of Brits admitted that they had been seeking a better quality of life. A third also cited the attraction of better weather, while 24 per cent pointed out that Britain has become too expensive.

Separate research from Sainsbury's Bank reveals that 12 per cent of the population are considering heading abroad for Christmas, with Spain again topping the list of preferred destinations.

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