2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spain 'offers great value'

22 05 2008

Spain has been named as one of Europe's best value destinations, ahead of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

With Spain offering great value of food, car hire and holiday essentials, it's no wonder the country is so popular with British tourists.

According to the Mirror, Spanish car rental is around £100 per week cheaper than car hire in Greece - with food and drink also costing less.

Holidaymakers travelling outside Europe to destinations such as Egypt and Morocco can also expect to see their pound go further - and although a basic holiday package may cost more - it can often work out cheaper to travel to more exotic destinations.

A recent statement by the Association of British Travel Agents revealed that the Balearic Islands and Canaries were among British holidaymakers' best-loved destinations - with Tenerife proving particularly popular.

According to Abouttenerife.com, the island boasts lush gardens, golden beaches and great historical buildings.

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