2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spanish feria time

17 09 2007

Spain is a much-loved Brit destination with its warm climate and beautiful blue seas but it also liked for its culture, which is evident in the many ferias, festivals and fiestas the Spaniards celebrate.

Although holidaymakers may think the country has finished partying now the summer season is over, they would be wrong, as autumn also sees a number of celebrations in the country.

October signals the festivities to begin in Nerja, as the annual feria kicks off in the town, Whatsonwhen reports.

The town is decorated lights and fun-loving party animals make merriment to their hearts content until the sun rises on the following day.

A fairground is erected outside to entertain the locals and tourists alike, while inhabitants of the town pounce on the opportunity to adorn themselves in traditional dress.

Nerja is located in the Costa del Sol, which is a region in the south of the country.

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