2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spanish fiesta

20 07 2007

Malaga will host its biggest annual party next month for partygoers and locals looking for a fun fiesta, Whatsonwhen notes.

Feria de Malaga is an event that livens up Spanish streets during the day and at night, from the August 11th until 19th.

Tourists to the region will be able to experience the finest local delicacies from food stalls lining the streets, as well as watch the residents of Malaga dress up in traditional costume as part of the daytime festivities.

Horses will parade the citizens down the city's roads, accompanied by music and dancing from exuberant Spaniards.

At night, a fireworks display will illuminate the port and cap off the Real de la Feria, a night of drinking, dancing and merriment.

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