2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spanish Grand Prix satisfies need for speed

02 05 2007

On May 13th Spain will play host to the fastest, most thrilling sport on earth – Formula 1 car racing.

The Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya outside Barcelona is set to become one of the most exciting events of the summer.

This circuit is renowned for being one of the fastest on the Formula 1 calendar.

It is famous for being the scene of the one of the most epic races in history, when Nigel Mansell took on Ayrton Senna in 1991.

There is nothing more stimulating for spectators than the air of adrenaline and glamour that resides around any Formula 1 event.

The smell of high-octane fuel and the high pitched whine of the most sublimely engineered machines in the world at maximum revs will not fail to affect even the most unenthusiastic viewer.

And Britain's newest racing sensation Lewis Hamilton has targeted the Spanish Grand Prix for his first number one finish.

Meanwhile, reigning champion Fernando Alonso will be setting out to smash the hype currently surrounding the young Brit, making a recipe for unrivalled excitement.

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