2008 News Archive - Holidays - Spring flower festival blooms

19 04 2007

The Anthestiria Festival is one of the oldest traditions of the beautiful town of Paphos in Cyprus, dating back to the ancient Greeks.

Traditionally, the festival, which takes place in May every year, signifies the advent of spring and the blossoming of the Cyprus' beautiful flowers.

At this time every year the island explodes with gladioli, poppies, daisies and countless blossoming trees.

Visitors will be entranced by the festival's parade of intricate flower floats and the deluge of fresh flowers of every colour.

The parade proceeds slowly down the town's Poseidon Avenue and ends at the old harbour, called Kato Paphos.

Paphos itself lies nestled at the feet of the breathtaking Troodos Mountains, which are well worth a visit for any tourist.

The hidden valleys and lush hillsides of the mountains are perfect for picnics and hiking.

Mount Olympus, named after its counterpart in Greece, is the highest peak in the extensive Troodos range.

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