2008 News Archive - Holidays - Sri Lanka demonstrates "the future of sustainable tourism"

06 11 2008

Sri Lanka's tourism promotions bureau is showcasing the development of its 'earth lung project', which it claims is "the future of sustainable tourism".

Initially launched last year, the project aims to protect the vast diversity of plants and abundant wildlife living on the island and in the surrounding area of the Indian Ocean.

The earth lung project is part of a campaign to make the whole of Sri Lanka carbon clean by 2018 and has made Sri Lanka one of the leading lights in promoting clean, green, responsible tourism.

Sri Lanka's tourist board probably has every reason to protect the island's natural environment, as it is one of the country's biggest attractions.

According to the bureau "Sri Lanka boasts fantastic beaches, wonderful wildlife excellent watersports and an unspoilt interior.

"As well as leopards, elephants and 250 species of bird, a wonderful variety of plant life is evident."

Tourists holidaying on Sri Lanka's long, sandy beaches could be persuaded to venture into the interior by this abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery.

According to Lankabusinessonline tourism fell sharply in early 2007, but the tourist bureau is hoping their new clean, green approach will have tourists flocking to marvel at Sri Lanka's natural beauty.

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