2008 News Archive - Holidays - Sri Lanka expecting tourism boost

26 03 2007

The south Asian country of Sri Lanka is expecting a 10 per cent increase in foreign tourism this year, it has been reported.

Prema Cooray, secretary general and chief executive of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, said that the conflict in the country and tsunami have not totally wiped out the tourism infrastructure, reports the Hindu.

Mr Cooray told the paper: "From 2002-2005 there was relative peace in the country. But last year there was escalation of violence and it did impact the tourism industry.

"We are waiting and watching and hoping that there would be some progress in the peace process."

Last year Sri Lanka's tourism industry earned some £200 million for the beleaguered country.

It is easy to see why tourism has been a staple of Sri Lanka's economy for years, as the country boasts lush forest, a stunning coastline and a richness of culture that is unrivalled in the region.

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