2008 News Archive - Holidays - Sri Lankan skies

08 08 2007

Sri Lankan skies will be a scene of much hustle and bustle next month when the National Festival of Kites kicks off.

Sure to be a spectacle well worth watching, kites made from colourful sari material and dried leaves will sail through the air with grace and speed, Whatsonwhen notes.

Large crowds are expected to gather on Mount Lavinia Beach fro the annual event which is organised in a bid to encourage the creativity of the national people - young and old.

Last year, 180 competitors took to the beach to demonstrate their handiwork with crafts and skilled kite-flying ability.

There are prizes for children and adults, but most notably 2006 saw a kite made from feathers and palm leaves and crafted into an owl win the creative category.

Sri Lanka is famous for producing and exporting coffee, tea and coconuts as well as its beautiful tropical rainforests and sandy beaches.

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