2008 News Archive - Holidays - "Staggering discounts" await those who choose to boldly Goa

10 11 2008

"Staggering discounts" may be waiting for those who choose to venture as far afield as Goa in the midst of the credit crunch, according to one Indian newspaper.

The Business Standard reports that while the credit crunch is scaring some tourists away from popular Indian holiday destinations such as Goa, those brave enough to fly in the face of fear find that "not only are rooms still available at hotels and resorts at these destinations, but that they're available at prices a notch - or even several notches - lower than typical high-season prices".

Falls in the number of foreign tourists visiting Goa may force many hotels to push down their prices in order to attract clients.

With the Times of India reporting a potential drop of 25 to 30 per cent in the numbers of UK visitors to Goa this winter, this could mean that the bargains awaiting those who do decide to go are phenomenal.

The Business Standard interviewed one Indian family who had actually extended their holiday by two extra days because of the cheap prices being offered in a five-star hotel.

Amit Saberwal, vice president of makemytrip, told the newspaper that there are "far more bargain deals" for tourists looking to travel in December than during the same period last year.

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