2008 News Archive - Holidays - Straw donkeys top list of 'bad' holiday buys

24 10 2008

If you're jetting off to warmer climes this winter, you may wish to think twice before stocking up on novelty souvenirs for friends and loved-ones.

A recent poll by Tesco Finance revealed that 40 per cent of holidaymakers have "regretted" their past gift choices, with a quarter of people binning unwanted souvenirs when they get home.

Topping the list of bad holiday buys were straw donkeys, novelty t-shirts and souvenir mugs, with sombreros, shot glasses and confectionery also making it into the top ten.

However, it doesn't all go to waste. Of those surveyed, 14 per cent of people donate unwanted items to charity, while an enterprising three per cent of people sell their wares over the internet.

Tesco spokeswomen Yvonne Byrne commented: "Our survey shows that although people might be more likely to make unusual choices whilst relaxing on holiday, their sense of British practicality returns as soon as they get back on home soil."

In related news, a recent poll by TripAdvisor revealed that 56 per cent of people plan to increase their holiday spending over the coming year.

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