2008 News Archive - Holidays - Summer fun in Lapland?

07 03 2007

Traditionally associated with winter vacations, Lapland is fast emerging as an undiscovered location for summer holidays.

Its northern position means visitors enjoy almost continuous summer sun in the months either side of the summer solstice, an event that is celebrated with true unbridled Scandinavian enthusiasm.

A trip to the very top of Finland can be arranged as part of a wider tour of this region of staggering natural beauty, or combined with a few days in lively and cosmopolitan Helsinki.

"For several weeks in June and July the sun never sets below the horizon, creating an atmosphere of energy that does away with being tired and promotes activity and enjoyment," said Anne Lind, director of the Finnish Tourist Board.

"Anyone who has seen Lapland wearing its thick white winter coat should come and take a look at how different it is during those warm, endless days of summer," she added.

Once you've reached Lapland the choice of pursuits is almost endless, from the bare knuckle thrills of white water rafting and canoeing to a more relaxed exploration of Lapland on horseback or mountain bike.

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