2008 News Archive - Holidays - Summer in Madrid - could be a lot worse

27 06 2007

If you're looking for a place to spend the summer then you could do a lot worse than Madrid during July and August, when the Summer in the City Festival is going on.

The Veranos de la Villa sees the city come alive with Spanish musicals, the traditional zarzuelas, which are sure to captivate even the most jaded visitor.

Theatre, bullfights, singing, dancing and more will be included in this mother of all festivals.

This year's festival is set to be extra special, with the famous Brazilian guitarist Toquinho playing, as well as the Portuguese Dulce Pones and the Cape Verde songstress Cesaria Evora.

Along with these musical treats, there will be an opera, a tango-fest, flamenco, jazz, films and more.

Commencing on July 3rd, this festival runs all the way until August 26th.

As the capital of Spain and the third most populous city in the EU, Madrid is a hive of energy that will soon have tourists buzzing.

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