2008 News Archive - Holidays - Sun, serenity and shopping for Brits

23 04 2008

British consumers have revealed details of their ideal holiday in the results of a new study.

Research from Ciao Surveys showed that sun and relaxation are what most holidaymakers are looking for on a break abroad - favoured by a respective 68 per cent and 58 per cent of those polled.

However, some travellers are more active, with 13.9 per cent stating their dream holiday to be a shopping trip to New York, while 56 per cent of holidaymakers said that sightseeing is a main factor in choosing their holiday destination.

Food is important to 56 per cent of Brits on holidays, while 14.4 per cent go on holiday in search of life-changing experiences.

Destinations that were popular with holidaymakers include seaside resorts, the Bermuda Islands and the Greek Islands.

Post Office recently suggested that non-eurozone countries could be beneficial to those holidaying on a budget this year.

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