2008 News Archive - Holidays - Take to the streets in Luxor

12 04 2007

In the two week run-up to Ramadan, the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor celebrates the Moulid of Abu el-Haggag.

The vibrant street festival is held to honour the city's patron sheikh Yussef Abu el-Haggag.

Visitors will be treated to a colourful spectacle of music, dance, horse races and the famous tahtib stick fights.

The centrepiece of the festival is when a selection of large boats is carried through the city's streets.

This is a throwback to the solar barque processions from the days of the pharaohs.

Luxor itself, located in upper Egypt on the Nile River and the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, is well worth a visit.

For those interested in archaeology, Luxor is also the site of the famous valley of the kings and the valley of the queens.

Thousands of tourists flock to Luxor every year to see these amazing monuments and reflect of the wonder of ancient Egypt.

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