2008 News Archive - Holidays - Technology has 'changed' holidays

15 09 2008

Modern technology has changed the way in which people enjoy their holidays, it has been claimed.

Carmel McCarthy, PR manager at More Th>n, suggested that Britons are failing to relax completely while on holiday, due to the fact that they are often in contact with work.

"People forget that the most precious time is the two weeks they take off with their family so they should leave the technology at home and go and enjoy it because companies will appreciate them coming back refreshed," she explained.

In a study carried out by the organisation earlier this year, it was found that interruptions from work colleagues was the biggest cause of stress among British holidaymakers.

Furthermore, 80 per cent of Brits admitted to working longer hours in the run up to a holiday.

Ms McCarthy added that employers should be aware of the fact that contacting employees on holiday could lead to them returning "70 per cent refreshed" rather than "110 per cent".

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