2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tenerife tourism 'to get a boost'

15 01 2009

Tourism in Tenerife is to get a boost according to one local newspaper, as a recently formulated development plan is put into place.

The Tenerife News reported that a meeting between 300 tourism industry representatives had been convened recently on the island, at which a plan for new developments stretching over eight years was decided upon.

New and improved tourist attractions will be developed as part of the plan and old hotels and attractions will receive makeovers, bringing them right up to date.

The Tenerife News said: "The island plans on regaining its status as the crown jewel of the European tourist market. One of the major plans for the island is to present it as one giant theme park."

Recently, statistics released by the airport operator BAA showed that Tenerife was one of the most popular destinations for tourists flying from its Scottish airports.

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