2008 News Archive - Holidays - The day of the Trifon

04 12 2007

Wine lovers may be quite familiar with the fare that has emerged from Bulgaria, but for those who want to spend some time in the country, there can be few better occasions to sample the produce than February 14th.

People in many countries may be celebrating St Valentine's Day, but in Bulgaria it is St Trifon - the patron saint of wine - who takes centre stage.

Curiously, the actual St Trifon's Day is February 1st, thus allowing the Bulgars to sneakily have two celebrations and visitors two chances to indulge themselves.

All across the country where wine is grown the women bake loaves and cook chicken for a big feast while the men head off to prune the vines, with the evening's drinking and feasting including the crowning of the local king, the man who has grown the most grapes.

Tradition has it that the subjects of the king must indulge in a drink or several to ensure a good harvest in the year ahead.

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