2008 News Archive - Holidays - The rising star of the Algarve

01 03 2007

The picturesque town of Tavira in the Algarve is undergoing a rare development phase and has become a good investment opportunity.

Although the town is a national nature reserve it is being tipped as the new property investment hot spot in the Algarve, according to investor Denis Sullivan.

Mr Sullivan said: "With prices from 201,300 euros, the development is a rare opportunity to acquire a home and investment property in an area where development is carefully controlled."

The history of Tavira dates back to around 2,000BC when it was an ancient Roman Port. It was once occupied by the Moors and is generally considered one of the most architecturally stunning towns in the area.

Tavira is also only 30 kilometres away from the traditional tourist coastal resorts of Faro and Lagos, and 160 kilometres away from the Spanish city of Seville.

Temperatures in the area average a pleasant 24 degrees centigrade in summer and 15 degrees in the winter months.

A vast array of sports and activities are easily accessible in the nearby areas including water sports, horse riding, walking, tennis and golf.

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