2008 News Archive - Holidays - The spice of life

19 09 2007

Daring travellers with an exotic streak and a taste for all things hot and spicy are likely to revel in the taste extravaganza that the World Spice Festival will surely provide.

Held in Sri Lanka, an exotic enough location for many, the holiday could really be spiced up with the many different flavours the fair will offer to any passing tourist, Whatsonwhen notes.

Dishes from all around the world will be available to sample and indulge in, with recipes from Africa, Thailand, Australia, China and India making the menu.

Only in its second year and taking place between November 12th and 19th, it will surely be a visit to brag about to friends back in Blighty.

The array of fine foods is likely to be inescapable as the festival takes place in different restaurants and eateries in the country.

October in Sri Lanka is also a good time to visit the country as the England cricket team will battle it out with Sri Lanka's finest in a five-day international.

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