2008 News Archive - Holidays - The star (wars) attraction

15 11 2007

Fans of Star Wars can add an extra element to a visit to Tunisia by exploring the sets used in two of the films representing the desert planet of Tattooine.

While the iconic double sunset scene cannot be recreated, the sets themselves have been maintained ever since the first film was produced in 1977, while the first of the more recent trio, the Phantom Menace, was also shot in the area.

Visitors can enjoy looking round these remarkable troglodyte caves, where residents can shade themselves from the baking sun, while memories of Luke Skywalker, the strange pub scene and other memorable movie moments come flooding back.

Naturally enough, those heading to Tunisia won't need the Force to prompt them to see the fascinating culture of the country, or for that matter the numerous fine beaches, where many an hour can be whiled away without a storm trooper in sight.

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