2008 News Archive - Holidays - "Time-poor" Brits 'won't cancel holidays'

15 07 2008

Britons who have booked overseas holidays are less inclined to cancel their breaks than they perhaps were a decade ago, in spite of the looming credit crunch, it has been reported.

The comment from Luxury Travel Magazine comes after Sean Tipton of the Association of British Travel Agents stated that Britons are likely to cut back in several other areas of their life before forgoing their annual holiday.

According to Luxury Travel Magazine, Brits see holidays as "sacrosanct" and as a time to share with the family.

"Increasingly people are cash-rich but time-poor and the time that they spend with their family on holiday is increasingly important to them. They are reluctant to disappoint the family unit," Alyson Cook, editor of Luxury Travel Magazine, commented.

She added that people are increasingly opting to take "multigenerational" holidays which can include grandparents.

Research carried out by the International Luxury Travel Market in 2007 revealed developing markets in the sector to be India, Russia and China.

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