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21 11 2007

Visitors to Croatia in the new year have a number of interesting carnivals to choose from, with one of the best plotlines being played out on the island of Pag in Dalmatia.

Here, the carnival tells the story of a slave girl called Pask Robinja, who is surrounded by a crowd haggling over her sale until, at the end, she dramatically escapes to freedom.

This performance in the midst of the carnival ensures that the event is based on an enduring tradition amid the whirl and colour of the costumes and crowds that appear each year, with the entire carnival season running from January to Ash Wednesday.

Visitors can also enjoy exploring a fascinating island, one of several in the Dalmatian archipelago, with the Mediterranean climate providing a warm alternative to the cold winter back home.

Pag is also famous for its lace and is connected by road bridge to the continent.

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