2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tin Hau Festival shows the best of Hong Kong

26 04 2007

Few festivals are as colourful, vibrant and noisy as those in Hong Kong, especially the Tin Hau Festival, to take place on May 9th this year.

Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea and the festival celebrates her birthday. As an island, the sea has always played a major role in the life of Hong Kong's people.

Visitors should be sure to visit the seaside fishing village of Sai Kung, where the main festival takes place.

Fireworks, lion dances and the spectacle of hundreds of junks covered with brightly coloured flags make the festival one of Hong Kong's best.

By celebrating Tin Hau's birthday, the people of Hong Kong hope to ensure safety, good weather and full nets for the island's many fishermen.

The goddess is capable of ensuring calm seas and keeping sickness away from seafarers.

Tourists visiting Hong Kong should be sure to rent a sampan or a junk for the day and cruise around the many outlying islands.

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