2008 News Archive - Holidays - Top tourism areas in Italy revealed

29 01 2008

The top areas in Italy in terms of attracting tourism have been named by one industry commentator.

According to Homes in Italy, the top tourism areas in the Mediterranean country are the so-called "top areas".

Mark Slaviero, director of Homes in Italy, revealed that these areas include destinations in the northern lakes region such as Lake Garda and Lake Como, Tuscany and Sardinia.

He also noted that other regions elsewhere in Italy are popular among holidaymakers.

"Puglia ... is up-and-coming ... it features in a lot of magazines and articles and lots of people are starting to go on holiday in Puglia. It's quite popular with Italians for holidaying there," Mr Slaviero noted.

He also observed that Calabria was a popular holiday spot for Italians, whereas Britons have yet to pick up on the trend for holidaying in this region.

Mark Slaviero is a former director of the UK Chamber of Commerce.

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