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18 01 2007

Cyprus is a giant of the European tourism industry and, despite a relatively subdued 2006, early estimates for 2007 suggest that it is a country on the up.

Eugene Duffy, in an article published in the Mirror, has reflected on his recent break in Paphos, where he discovered a number of outstanding attractions just a short drive away.

Paphos, according to Mr Duffy, is not necessarily the place to go to get a real taste of Cyprus, as "it could have been Spain or any of the Greek islands".

A venture into "the spectacular Troodos mountains" is much more rewarding, he argues, largely because of the beautifully steady pace of life.

Mr Duffy stressed that Paphos is not entirely without charm and he praises in particular the good restaurants and bars that offer food and drink at a reasonable price.

But with nearly 40 'Blue Flag' beaches, it is little wonder that many tourists continue to base their holidays in Cyprus around the country's white sands.

From Governor's beach on the south coast, which is particularly popular with families, to Coral Bay in western Cyprus, the beaches around this charming Mediterranean island are almost uniformly spectacular.

Other popular choices include Fig Tree Bay on the east coast and Ladies Mile Beach in the south, both of which are excellent for swimming or splashing around due to the shallow water.

In a foreword to Mr Duffy's article, editor Ian Mayhew observes that tourists are drawn to Cyprus for "summers of endless sunshine, friendly locals, fascinating archaeological sites and good-value tavernas".

All can be found in abundance but, as Mr Duffy found out, much of Cyprus' truly remarkable beauty is best discovered by embracing your sense of adventure and exploring the island properly.

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