2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tourists advised to check FCO website before visiting China

15 08 2008

Those planning to take holidays to enjoy this year's Olympics are being advised to check the latest travel updates before jetting off.

Sean Tipton, spokesperson for the Association of British Tourism, is stressing that it is important for travellers to make sure they are aware of any potential travel problems and have the relevant documentation in place.

He added: "It is essential that you check the foreign office website to check their travel advice. There is the visa requirement as well, so that is something you need to sort out before you go to the Olympics."

The Games to do not finish until August 24th so there is plenty of time for people to take last minute holidays to see some of the world's greatest sportspeople in action as well as catching the closing ceremony which is rumoured to feature David Beckham as part of the preparation for London 2012.

Visitors should also make sure they have all their holiday bookings in place as the Foreign Office is stressing that Chinese authorities require proof of accommodation on entry.

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