2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tourists 'angry' over hidden charges on cheap holidays

11 08 2008

The hidden cost of using a credit card or mobile phone while on holiday is one of the biggest gripes of UK travellers, a new survey shows.

A survey by the Post Office Travel Services to find out the most irritating elements of traveling reveals that people on their holidays are more concerned with being ripped off than any other grievance.

The research shows that six out of the top ten holiday annoyances can be put down to a perceived notion of being short-changed, ranging from the cost of using your credit card or mobile phone to the cost of exchanging sterling overseas.

In the middle of the credit crunch a family of four searching for cheap holidays in Turkey could have to factor a further £145 for mobile phone usage into their budget, according to Helen Warburton, head of travel at the Post Office.

Around 50 per cent of UK tourists have no clue regarding how much it costs to receive a call overseas while 43 per cent are unaware that they are charged to receive incoming calls, according to a study by mobile phone comparison website Onecompare.com.

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