2008 News Archive - Holidays - Trains, planes or automobiles

09 04 2008

Holidaymakers in the UK are increasingly opting to travel abroad using the transportation method of train, it has been reported.

According to Virgin Trains, rail is becoming an increasingly favoured option of travel for some over the road or air.

The comment comes after the London Assembly voted in favour of a motion banning members from travelling by air to Paris or Brussels in connection with Assembly business last month.

Proposing the motion Darren Johnson said: "There are many ways we can all change our behaviour to have small but incremental impacts on climate change."

Philippa Richardson, communications manager for Virgin Trains, recently commented: "Rail travel is limited and obviously you can not go over the sea but I think we have seen with things like the Eurostar, more and more people are choosing it."

Rail links are now available to a number of holiday destinations in Europe.

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