2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travel advice to avoid 'holiday stress'

21 08 2007

Although holidays are usually a time to relax and enjoy the sun, sometimes things can go wrong, one expert has warned.

Carol Allenby-Carr of Travel Counsellors told the Bolton News that passengers sometimes find their baggage goes missing during their flights, but there are ways of minimising this risk.

Holidaymakers should ensure that they have luggage labels displaying their names, flight details and their destination, Ms Allenby-Carr advised.

Additionally, people travelling in pairs ought to put some of their items in each case before setting off.

"That way, if a case goes missing - and it's usually one rather than two - then you've got some clothes and things," she told the newspaper.

Paul Birkhead, senior manager of pricing and underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance, recently urged holidaymakers to "plan for every eventuality" when traveling by air.

Passengers should also ensure that they take out adequate insurance to cover their trip, he added.

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