2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travel agents trump airlines in website stakes

26 03 2008

The websites of travel agents are easier to use than those of airlines, it has been reported.

According to TravelMole, a website usability study by web experts revealed that travel agents have scored better than airlines.

The study by Webcredible, showed that airline websites scored an average of 48 per cent for usability compared to 55 per cent for travel agents, with British Airways being rated the most usable online airline website with a score of 65 per cent.

"Users need to have clear and accurate pricing displayed throughout their journey through a site. It's not acceptable to add hidden charges at the very end of a transaction process - this is something which a number of airline carriers are guilty of," Webcredible director Ismail Ismail commented.

The report also showed that airlines and travel agents are not using web 2.0 technology to its full potential.

British Airways recently reported it is to launch new summer flights from Gatwick.

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