2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travel insurance 'a must' for holidaymakers

16 08 2007

Holidaymakers have been advised to ensure they take out adequate insurance before embarking upon their travels.

Sean Tipton, spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents, said that many people taking a last-minute break or a long weekend often fail to buy travel insurance.

Suggesting that this can prove to be a mistake, Mr Tipton argued that even on "spur of the moment" short trips things can sometimes go wrong.

"You could there for two or three days and still have a bag loss," he stated.

"We always say you must take out insurance."

Last month, Vicky Emmott, senior manager of underwriting for Halifax Travel Insurance, urged holidaymakers to "plan for every eventuality" and ensure they have adequate travel insurance before they set off.

The firm also recommended people make sure they have emergency contact numbers for their tour operator and anyone they are meeting in their chosen destination.

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