2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travel insurance warning for short-haul travelers

04 06 2008

Whether taking short breaks or extended holidays, travel insurance is an essential purchase, one expert has suggested.

Sally Leeman, media relations manager with Norwich Union, claimed it was just as important to take out travel insurance for short holidays as it is longer ones.

The expert stated that medical emergencies are the "biggest single cause" of claims on travel insurance policies, with the average claim in 2006 standing at £716.

"The cost of an injury or consequences of an illness that requires hospitalisation and then repatriation can leave a traveller thousands of pounds out of pocket," Ms Leeman warned.

She advised those people taking a number of holidays over the course of a year to consider taking out annual travel insurance, as this is "ideal for those 'spur of the minute' trips away".

In fact, research by Moneysupermarket.com published earlier this year found that annual insurance policies are often significantly cheaper than single trip insurance for winter sports holidays.

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