2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travel savvy Brits will head outside the eurozone, says expert

05 01 2009

A travel expert has predicted that 2009 will see a rise in the popularity of non-eurozone destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria, as savvy Brits look to get around the poor pound to euro exchange rate while on holiday.

Bob Atkinson, a travel expert from travelsupermarket.com, predicted that the credit crunch will see a dramatic change in the types of destinations UK tourists choose to visit, Travel Mole reported.

Mr Atkinson said that the current weakness of the pound against several key currencies would mean that credit-crunched Brits would be paying a lot more attention to exchange rates than usual.

He added: "With the strength of the euro, destinations outside the eurozone are seeing huge growth.

"Places such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt and other North African countries are high on the holiday agenda for 2009."

Last month the Telegraph reported that Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey had already seen "a surge in visitors", thanks to the relative value for money offered by these destinations.

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