2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travellers 'have trouble stashing cash'

12 09 2008

Millions of British holidaymakers could be putting themselves at risk by storing their cash in inappropriate places.

A recent study by American Express revealed that one in seven Brits think that their pocket is the safest place for their holiday money.

Of those surveyed, 12 per cent said they kept all of their cash in their bag – which is a "primary target for thieves" – while eight per cent of holidaymakers claimed that they stash cash in their underwear.

Sarah Harrison, director of American Express Travellers Cheques, suggested that holidaymakers take a "mixed wallet", containing a combination of cash, cards and travellers cheques.

"Travelling overseas is a fantastic experience and the last thing people want to worry about is money. By carrying all of your cash in your pocket, you could be asking for trouble as if something happens to it, you may be left in the lurch," she explained.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers have been urged to take out a travel insurance policy before going abroad. Chris Rolland, of American Express Travel Insurance, said that it was a "false economy" to try and save money by scrimping on holiday cover.

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