2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travellers issued with "tips"

11 07 2008

Advice has been given to holidaymakers who are keen to keep their belongings safe on a holiday abroad this summer.

Kirstie Bayley, vice-president of American Express Travellers Cheques notes that holidaymakers should be prepared as a theft can "ruin" an otherwise perfect holiday.

In July 2006, Halifax reported that the majority of holiday theft incidents take place inside the traveller's accommodation, with 13 per cent occurring on the street and 13 per cent at the pool or on the beach.

"The last thing people want when they are on holiday is to worry about the safety of their money and belongings," Ms Bayley commented.

Tips provided by American Express for keeping possessions safe abroad included photocopying all documentation including passport and flight ticket details, leaving one set at home.

Similarly, sending an email to yourself with important details such as insurance information and help lines means that it is accessible from abroad.

Travellers are also advised to split up their money, keeping some in a safe and some on their person.

Padlocking luggage is another tip while one important piece of advice is to avoid walking alone at night.

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