2008 News Archive - Holidays - Travelling without insurance can be 'costly'

29 10 2008

In these tough economic times, travelling without insurance could be seen as a way of cutting costs; however, those who do so risk enormous costs if something goes wrong, one commentator has warned.

John Boyles, account manager at Endsleigh Insurance, described travel insurance as "vital" and said that those considering travelling without cover were "crazy".

"People are under the impression that they'll be covered under any reciprocal health arrangements which in truth go some of the way but they don't protect you for all of the things that might happen," he commented.

Travel insurance is also essential for short trips and no one is immune from something untoward happening, Mr Boyles warned.

A recent study carried out by American Express revealed that one in four people plan to travel without insurance this year, meaning that 14.5 million Britons are potentially putting themselves at risk

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