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28 08 2007

Adventurous travellers heading to north Africa this autumn should consider visiting Tunisia.

Perhaps associated with more exotic activities, the country will play host to three weeks of classical music entertainment in October, Whatsonwhen reports.

Harmonious melodies and symphonies of crashing sound should be as soothing as they are dramatic, with the historical location of Carthage - now a suburb of Tunis - providing an exciting backdrop for the occasion.

To be held in the city's St Louis cathedral the event should enthral any classical music lover, as last year's event celebrated the anniversary of Bach's death with performances from groups based in Switzerland, Egypt, the US and Austria.

Carthage is an ancient city and civilisation that grew prosperous until it was destroyed by the Romans in the Third Punic War in 146 BC. With such depth in its rich heritage, culture fans should relish a trip to the area and the chance to delve deeper into the catacombs of history.

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