2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tunisia hosts festival of the desert

18 12 2008

As the UK gears up for what could be a cold, wet Christmas, Tunisia is getting ready to celebrate its ancient traditions and culture in one of the warmest, driest places on earth, the Sahara.

According to AlArab Online, the Tunisian town of Douz will be hosting the 41st International Festival of the Sahara from December 25th to December 28th this year.

The festival will see musicians, performers and craftsmen from all around the region gather to celebrate their culture and appreciate the beauty of the landscape which created it.

According to the website, "the 41st edition of the festival will be marked by the organisation of a Saharan safari for hosts and visitors.

"This safari will be crowned by a visit to a Bedouin Douar and a traditional tent."

Tunisia is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination, with the Telegraph reporting recently that many UK travellers are choosing to holiday in the North African nation to avoid the worsening euro exchange rate.

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