2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey home to "beautiful" market towns

13 05 2008

Families heading to Turkey for their summer holidays should head to the "bustling market town" of Fethiye as it provides a handy base for further travels, an industry expert has claimed.

Writing in the Daily Express, Matthew Hampton claimed that the resort on the Turquoise Coast would be a great place for families to visit, with the nearby report of Bodrum also being recommended to visitors.

Visitors to the country could take part in a royal visit, with The Queen and Prince Philip currently making their first trip to the country since 1971.

Meanwhile, Mr Hampton described the city of Istanbul - often mistaken for the country's capital - as "crowded, chaotic and beautiful", while visitors were also recommended taking a poignant tour to Gallipoli - the site of vicious fighting in the first world war.

Families visiting Turkey should also partake in local customs, such as drinking Turkish tea. According to the expert, it is drunk "sweet and without milk from tulip-shaped glasses".

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