2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey looks to bounce back

01 02 2007

Having endured a slightly disappointing year in 2006, officials in Turkey are hoping for a dramatic change in fortunes this year.

The country brought in $16.85 billion from tourism last year, representing a dip of 7.2 per cent from the $18.5 billion generated in 2005.

Last year's performance was undoubtedly affected by conflict in the Middle East and fears over bird flu, but Turkey's reputation as a shining light in the world of tourism appears to have survived unscathed.

From the sumptuous tranquillity of Patara beach to the dynamic cosmopolitanism of Istanbul, Turkey - more than many of its neighbours - is a city of genuine contrast and intrigue.

Turkey is also a refreshingly welcoming country and tourists tend to report favourably on the hospitality of locals. This appears to be as evident in the nation's major cities as it is in the quaint fishing villages and is particularly notable at the chaotic but friendly bazaars.

But for many holidaymakers, the Aegean Coast is the only place to be, with its appealing blend of beautiful beaches and fascinating architecture.

Izmir is also well worth a visit, especially if you are a student of literature, as many scholars believe this to be the birthplace of the prolific poet Homer.

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