2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey popularity 'will grow as euro strengthens'

03 06 2008

Turkey is one holiday destination that could become more popular with British families this summer as the euro continues to outperform the pound, it has been claimed.

Derek Moore, the chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, believes that the strength of the euro will persuade more people to seek holiday deals outside of the eurozone.

Figures published by the Post Office in April revealed that the pound is worth nearly 17 per cent less against than the euro than it was the same time last year.

Mr Moore believes that the trend is unlikely to reverse in the coming months - and sees destinations that do not have the euro as many people's solution.

"Among people who are still looking to arrange breaks for this summer, there will be an increasing number opting for countries on the edge of the eurozone - like Morocco and Turkey - which are not that much further to travel," he commented.

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