2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey reaches out to new holidaymakers

18 01 2007

A new campaign is underway to inspire undecided holidaymakers to spend a couple of weeks in Turkey this summer.

According to Turkish Daily News, new advertisements will soon appear on TV stations around the world, highlighting the natural beauty of the country and drawing attention to the wide range of holiday activities on offer.

It is a reflection of the scope of this current campaign that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will use BBC World as part of its campaign, allowing 280,000,000 access to information about Turkey.

Much of Turkey's appeal stems from the fact that its cities are influenced by an attractive blend of European and Asian cultures. Istanbul, in particular, is a city of extraordinary contrast and tourists could comfortably spend a week simply marvelling at the city's architectural diversity.

But Turkey also boasts a stunning coastline and the beach resorts are about as attractive as any in Europe.

The Aegean Coast and south-western Turkey boast some exceptional rocky coves and sandy retreats, but it is the western Mediterranean Coast that typically attracts the greatest number of sun-seeking visitors.

According to the Anatolia news agency, some of the new adverts will last for a minute and others will be 30-second clips. It is hoped that providing tourists with a glimpse of the country in this format will inspire millions to pack their bags for a holiday in Turkey in the years ahead.

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