2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey seeks to attract 'thermal tourists'

29 05 2007

Turkey is looking to increase its share of Europe's thermal tourism market with the construction of a new $20 million (£10 million) project in Kirsehir, a central Anatolian province, according to a new report.

The country's thermal tourism market has expanded in recent times, as holidaymakers increasingly seek out areas with natural spas for relaxation and health reasons.

And with the construction of a new facility in Kirsehir, this trend looks set to continue, the Turkish Daily News newspaper reports.

Furthermore, it is hoped that the area will be able to draw in business from the international convention market.

Oguz Altin, co-partner of the construction company behind the project, commented: "Kirsehir will be a centre of attraction for congress and thermal tourism."

Thermal tourism popular in other parts of Turkey, as well as Italy and Hungary.

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