2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey tees-off for tourism

25 07 2007

Turkey is to focus on attracting golfing tourists to the region after last year saw a decline in the number of sportsmen visiting the region to hone their skills.

Ugur Budak, the general director of Antalya Golf Club hopes to improve on 2005 figures of 232,000 rounds of the game played in the country, indicating Turkey could soon become a veritable hotspot for keen golfers as investment is poured into the project.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Mr Budak claims that Portugal and Spain our rivals to the country and have taken "Turkey into account when making their schedules in recent years".

Increased competition between European countries to become the premier destination for golfers can only be good news for sports fans who are keen to play a few relaxing rounds in sunnier climates.

Turkey has potential to for investors looking to make a keen profit, according to reports this week. A booming economy and new mortgage laws could help investment in the country take-off.

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