2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkey to boost sustainable tourism

20 11 2008

Turkey's government has launched a campaign to promote green, sustainable tourism, according to local newspaper Today's Zaman.

The scheme will see the government ranking environmentally friendly businesses and tourism enterprises with a system of green stars.

According to the newspaper, Turkey's minister of tourism Ertugrul Gunay spoke out against the "destruction of Turkey's culture, tourism and future" in a parliamentary debate on the subject.

Mr. Gunay said: "We have to recognise efforts toward environmental consciousness."

"Green-starred tourism enterprises will be known for being environmentally friendly," he added.

Environmentally responsible, sustainable tourism is increasingly becoming recognised as an important sector by governments and tour operators alike.

In recent years, the Responsible Tourism Awards have recognised achievements in the green tourism sector.

With the green star awards set to make the Turkish tourist experience greener and cleaner, Turkey could well be the perfect destination for those seeking a place in the sun this winter.

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