2008 News Archive - Holidays - Turkish tourism gets boost from Google

20 11 2008

Turkey's popularity as a holiday destination appears to be on the rise, with reports that Turkish tourism's official portal, www.goturkey.com, is one of Google's most visited sites.

According to World Bulletin, Turkey's site received eight out of a total of ten points for its importance and worldwide popularity.

The website brings together both public and private companies to showcase the best of what holidays in Turkey have to offer, from the incredible mosques and markets of Istanbul to the golden beaches and sailing ships of Bodrum.

An official at the Turkish ministry of tourism hailed the success of the portal saying it "was designed to reach international markets and large audiences".

Earlier this month, Post Office Travel revealed sales of the Turkish lira had gone up because the currency was ten per cent weaker against the pound than last year, meaning holiday makers in Turkey could get more bang for their buck.

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