2008 News Archive - Holidays - Tuscany attracts top-end tourists

04 02 2008

Tuscany in Italy is drawing in tourists for a variety of reasons, one property company has reported.

According to David Stanley Redfern, close to Lucca in Tuscany is a "high tourism area" - in particular for tourists from western countries.

David Stanley Redfern reports that this area is a "major" tourist destination among those with large disposable incomes, while Tuscany is also popular for expats.

"Tuscany is one of the most popular locations in the world for British emigration," commented David Stanley Redfern.

The region also boasts "wonderful sights" and "charming characteristics", it is claimed.

Italy on the whole, the property company notes, is famous for its wine and fast cars, however the "period style" property in Tuscany gives it a charm separate to the rest of the country - while the Mediterranean climate and "world class" beaches are also major tourist attractions.

Tuscany is one of the 20 regions that make up Italy and its capital is Florence.

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