2008 News Archive - Holidays - TV presenter lists sunshine as 'key to good holiday'

16 06 2008

Sunshine is the key aspect to a perfect holiday, according to one British television presenter.

The Telegraph reports that John Craven always takes insect repellent with him on his holidays.

Craven also ranks holidays to Vancouver in Canada and to Florida in the United States with his family among his most memorable.

The BBC presenter, an ambassador for the 2008 Malaria Awareness Campaign, also offered health tips to those travelling abroad.

"If you’re going to a developing country or a long-haul destination, get independent travel health advice, because you can get badly caught out," he observed, warning against the perils of Malaria.

He also suggested that holidaymakers pay attention to what they pack due to airlines charging "extortionate" amounts for excess baggage.

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